"Anti-spill" lids are finally here!

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"SON OUTDOORS" 20oz CREWCUP (Deer and fishing)

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Take your favorite beverage on the go with my awesome "SON OUTDOORS" 20oz CREWCUP! The design is fully 3D printed and has a deer, largemouth bass, mountains, trees, and a fisherman on it. It's the perfect gift for your son who loves hunting or fishing!


Each CREWCUP is a stainless steel tumbler with a handle. 

Comes with our Anti-spill custom fit straw and lid. (Also includes a cleaning brush to help keep the straw squeaky clean!)

Perfect for hot and cold drinks! 🥤

We use a 3D printing technology making our designs and tumblers super durable. They are stainless steel, and dishwasher safe (Please use normal heat settings, not "high heat", to ensure the design lasts forever!). 🧼 


- Keeps drinks COLD for over 24 hours

- Keeps drinks HOT for 12-14 hours

- Dishwasher safe! (Please use normal heat settings, not "high heat", to ensure the design lasts forever!)

- Durable and made of high quality double-walled stainless steel!


Our new spill proof lids are just that - spill proof. They are not necessarily "leak proof", which means if you do turn it over and shake the cup upside down, there is a chance a little drip of liquid will come through. But if the cup is tipper over of falls on the floor, there shouldn't be any spills whatsoever!